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Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE has developed a passion in the field of Neuro 


Linguistic Programming over the years and has helped transform the lives of many people during her career. She has trained with the emminent 

Tad James, the world's best in the area of NLP. Julie began her career as a teacher and has worked worldwide both teaching and coaching, inspiring others and motivating them through her skills. Along with her fantastic proven background in long distance and marathon swimming and over 20 world records to her name, Julie is an excellent role model. Be totally enthused with Julie and Get Set 4 Success Ltd.

Why train with us?

Would it be useful to

Julie Giving Training

  • Set yourself apart from the group mentality so you become a winnner?

  • Grow your business or develop your managerial abilities?

  • Create an additional income?

  • To know how to keep going when change happens?

  • To empower people with whom you work

    Time line therapy association

     or live?

  • To improve your sporting results?

  • To empower your children and help them believe in themselves?

  • To help overcome anxiety, fears and phobias?

Whatever your reason for taking trainings with us, we're here to help you get there. If you take any of our courses, then you are promised a life changing weekend/week.

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