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StingMate been shown to help neutralize jellyfish stings



StingMate consisting of 5% Mentholated acetic acid gel has been shown to help neutralize jellyfish stings.

StingMate was developed to neutralize the stinging cells of jellyfish. The gel suspends any remaining stinging cells left on the body by the jellyfish. After the initial application, the gel is scraped off, then rinsed off and reapplied, then rinsed off. StingMate is sold in an easy to carry 1 fl.oz plastic bottle (special offer only £12.00 per bottle plus p&p)

For best results, apply StingMate gel as soon as possible following a jellyfish sting.

4 Simple Steps:

  1. Apply Neutralizing Gel

  2. Scrape Off

  3. Re-apply Gel

  4. Rinse Off

If you swim outdoors, then this IS a must for you!

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