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NLP Online Training & Distance Learning with

Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE

Why choose NLP online and distance learning in the UK?

All this and more with support only fingertips away! AND gain a qualification as an NLP Associate Practitioner!Timeline Therapy


What do you study with the Online Training & Distance Learning NLP Course?

All the subjects studied on a certified NLP Course without in-person attendance.

Click here for ABNLP standards and what you will cover when studying NLP online with Get Set 4 Success


The NLP Online & Distance Learning Study comprises two stages:American Board of hypnotherapy

1. Introduction to NLP (Audio and Online assessment, and DVD material plus continual support)

(See below what one of our students said recently about her Associate Practitioner Course)

2. Live NLP Training (to qualify from Associate Practitioner to Full Practitioner). Ask for further details on completion of the 'Introduction'


How do you achieve this?

You are sent study materials which you complete and return to us for assesment. You can only proceed to the 'Live Training' when you have successfuly completed the 'Introduction'

If you wish to become a fully certified NLP Practitioner by the ABNLP you can then choose to attend a 'Live' training (see NLP Practitioner Course)


What if you do Online & Distance Learning NLP?

There are no better set of techniques than these for freeing yourself from beliefs and decisions that limit and dis-empower you and replacing them with positive ones. Just have a look at the feedback testimonials from this site!! Many amazing changes happen with NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis...if you really want to make that change now.

Contact me now to make it happen for YOU!

Many students from our Associate Practitioner Distance Learning Course are now fully fledged NLP Practitioners. The feedback we get is plentiful - do ask if you wish to see more


"I qualified as a practitioner and coach this week!! Very very very very happy! So I wanted to tell you how helpful it has been to qualify as an NLP Associate Practitioner with yourself earlier this year. The format (DVD and Self Study) allowed me to learn at my own  pace and  make sure I had solid foundations, building confidence and skill along the way. You were very quick to reply to questions on email, and I also really appreciate the extra little  push you  gave me when I was struggling to find someone to practice with. All in all, having just qualified, I can confirm that the NLP Associate Practitioner training I did with yourself is  the absolute best way  to prepare for the NLP Practitioner. course. Thank you again so very much for your help and advice along the way"